- Wish I could have stayed longer! - I rented from MakGregor for a year and eight months. They are amazing I wish it would've been longer. They take care of their tenants and property. All maintenance request were filled in a timely manner.
Posted by Ms. Tasha on Google

- Communication is key! - I have been a resident with Mak Gregor management for close to 2 years now. They have ALWAYS treated me with dignity and respect. They always take care of any maintenance issues promptly and effectively. Most importantly they have always worked with me on any personal issues going on in my life as i am a disabled veteran on a fixed income. Im very grateful for their treatment of me and myhome.
Posted by David C. on Google

- Problems Solved! - I have been with this company for about 5 years and they have been nothing but good to me. Manager always has been there able to help and do the best for his residents. Would recommend them to anyone. I think Matt is awesome . We have had are difference but overall he is excellenT.
Posted by Chris H. on Google

- Issues Handled! - I just moved into my townhouse in November. I am very pleased with the company. Matt and Tara are excellent with handling any issues that I have. Any maintenance issues I have are taken care of immediately. My townhouse was cleaned, painted, new appliances, and flooring was put down as promised before I moved in. I love my new home!
Posted by K. Stargell on Google

- Love them! - We love them. No issues ever. Very responsive to maintenance issues. Helpful and friendly staff.
Posted by Errin M. on Google

- A Blessing! - My review of mgm is great. My husband and i have rented for 3 people in all so far and we I feel where blessed with mgm Managment as they have been great as landlords. We live in a house and have rented 6 months or so but i am very happy with them. They have gone above and beyond what any landlord we had in the past has done, thank you and may you keep being a blessing to all
Posted by An Angel of Gods with love for all on Google

- Staying Put! - Been renting for 5 yrs and plan to continue
Posted by Stephanie W. on Google

- Great Landlord! - This is the best place I have ever rented from. They fix things when you ask & the staff is amazing! I lucked out when I found this place!
Posted by Kim S. on Google

Professionals! - Mak Gregor Management has managed apartment buildings for us for years. Matt is, without a doubt the overall best manager we have worked with anywhere in the country. We feel very fortunate to have Matt and his team taking care of our properties. The tenants who have posted negative reviews are definitely in the minority when you consider that MGM manages hundreds of units (I believe close to 1,000 right now). I expect that these negative tenants are bad apples we wouldn't want to rent to or live next to. In my conversations with renters, they appreciate the condition of the homes and apartments they rent from MGM, and the way Matt's team responds to maintenance issues. Owners appreciate it as well. If you are an owner who wants an efficient, effective, fair management company, or if you are a renter who wants a nice place to live, Mak Gregor Management is the best!
Posted by Randy K. on Google

Recommended! - We own a rental in Huber and do not live in the state. For years it was managed poorly by someone else (there were hoarders living there and our manager had no clue). It sat empty for a year after the hoarding incident due to another bad manager. Because we are out of state I took a chance on MGM and I have been so incredibly pleased. If I have a renter not paying, he works with us both, if I have large repairs needed he is extremely attentive. I have never had a question go unanswered or had my rental empty. He is professional, communicates often and my property is taken well care of! The rent check arrives at the exact same time each month and if repairs were needed that month, I always know in advance. His vendors are competitively priced and do solid work. I highly recommend using MGM!
Posted by Holly P. on Google

Communication! - We live outside Ohio and have had MakGregor Mgmt manage our 31 Dayton-area rental units for the last three years. Matt, Tara, and the rest of the team have been outstanding in every way. They are a professional property management company that cares about timeliness of responses and quality of all maintenance and repairs. They are also very fair in all of their business dealings. If you are a property owner in the Dayton area, you will not find a better property management company.
Posted by Steven D. on Google

The Company You Keep! - Matt and his team has done a fantastic job managing our 24 units in Dayton. They are always on the ball to deal with issues as they come up for our residents and always respond in a timely manner to clarify items related to owner queries. I will definitely continue using Mak Gregor Management for all my existing and future acquisitions.
Posted by Richard C. on Google

Great Team! - Matt and team do an excellent job managing our properties. Matt is very responsive, has a clear communication style and always willing to get on the phone or meet in person to discuss any topics which may impact our portfolio. I find Matt and the Mak Gregor firm to be extremely professional, trustworthy and would highly recommend them to other property owners.
Posted by Doug R. on Google

Great Service - Matt, Thank you! Sounds like you’ve found a nice family here! We appreciate the efforts to make this happen so quickly. MGM Rocks! Steve, Carol, Jim, and Fredy
Posted by Steve on Email / Phone

- I actually live out of the country, but with MakGregor I feel like they are just across town. They quickly answer my emails and respond to my concerns. One of my properties needed some roofing work and the furnace replaced. MakGregor, because of having been in the Dayton area for so long, knew of reputable contractors for homes like mine. They handle issues with tenants quickly and fairly. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Posted by Richard Johns on Google

- Matt and his team have always addressed tenant concerns in a timely manner and he's always been transparent with me. So far I've had a great experience as an owner of one of the buildings he manages. I have not had a single tenant move since he started managing 4 years ago. He is fair with repair pricing and always sends out monthly reports like clockwork on either the last day of the month or the 1st. I literally just found out today that I had some major damage to my property due to the recent tornado, but Matt sent someone out to assess the damage, took photos, and made it super easy for me to supply what my insurance company needed to start the claim process. I highly recommend MakGregor Management. Ignore the bad reviews from disgruntled professional tenants. Matt manages all kinds of properties in Dayton, not just high end single families like other management companies.
Posted by Nathan Gustus on Google

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